5 Indie Games Your Wishlist Needs Right Now

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Woodcutter Warrior

It feels like we’re living through a bit of a golden age in Roguelike games, and there’s new ones popping up everyday. It’s a great time to play video games if you prefer games that are story-driven. It’s a bonus that so many come with pretty cool stories and combat mechanics. It’s too early to tell about Woodcutter Warrior’s story, but the combat looks awesome. The game boasts real-like sword physics for the 170+ swords in the game. Plus, if you like base-building, you’ll get some of that too! No release date on this one yet, but follow ForestWare Games for a potential Patreon!

Paradise Marsh

There’s a movement within the indie game development community to make more games that are downright wholesome. Stardew Valley’s success gave a lot of people a taste of what a game can be like with an open world and very little violence. Enter Paradise Marsh, a game that sound about as wholesome as they can come. In a procedurally generated world, you can explore a beautiful marsh and examine everything it has to offer. The main storyline even deals with getting the stars back into the sky. This one is scheduled for release February 3, 2022, so get it on your wishlist now!

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

Way back in the stone age of computer games, there was Jane’s Fleet Command. Fleet Command was a combat simulator that used replicas of real US Navy tracking systems, and allowed the player to pretend they’re an admiral or some other fleet commander. It ruled, but was definitely made for a specific niche. That’s what NEBULOUS: Fleet Command reminds me of. From the screens we’ve seen so far, the tactical screens are clearly made to give the player a feeling like they’re commanding their fleet from a flagship. It was no surprise to learn the developer of this game is a US Navy Officer by day. Throw in the ship designs that are heavily influenced by ship designs featured in The Expanse, and you’ve got a badass game. NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is currently planning a February 11th, 2022 release. In the meantime, add it to your wishlist. Captain’s orders.


Tired: Playing the same dungeons made by the game developers over and over over. Wired: Playing custom dungeons made by other players. I’m curious why there aren’t more games like this. The concept of creating dungeons for your friends and the rest of the world to play sounds like a lot of fun on some games, and that’s exactly what you get to do in Tormentis. What’s cooler is the game uses a class-free hero system, so you can build your heroes exactly as you like. Not sure when you’ll be able to start your raids, or building your dungeons of death, since the game doesn’t have a release date yet. But get it on your list so you can go right away!

Lightyear Frontier

Farming simulators are always fun. Who doesn’t love growing shit? What’s always confused me by these games is why the virtual farmer is almost always using bronze age technology. Outside of the actual Farm Simulator series, it seems like your little pixelated farmer is restricted to just an shovel and a hoe. In the 21st century, that’s more like a garden simulator than a farming simulator, which is part of what makes Lightyear Frontier look so interesting. Taking place in the future, your job is to carve a little piece of a foreign planet into something hospitable. One thing I’m pretty stoked about is the ability to have up to three other friends on your planet. No release date is planned yet, but you can get it on your wishlist today!