Graveyard Keeper – Bring out yer dead, bring out yer dead

Concept behind Graveyard Keeper is you, modern day person, end up worm food, but instead of meeting St. Peter you find yourself in the middle ages. By some weird twist, everyone thinks you’re the new keeper of the local graveyard and expects you to act accordingly.

November 17, 2021

LĂ­ngua – A puzzle game with a cuteness problem

Once you grow up, one of the most hilarious things in movies in games is tiny children going into dangerous situations and coming out unscathed. I love the Goonies, but in reality Chunk probably should have become a hilarious corpse.

November 13, 2021

Rimworld – If Stardew Valley had drug labs and murder

Like Stardew Valley, Rimworld introduces a style of gameplay that’s seen some success in niche gaming circles and brings that style to a much broader audience, but unlike Stardew Valley the cocaine is sold out in the open instead of by Shane behind the JojaMart.

October 31, 2021