Big Boy Boxing – Almost as fun as actually punching people

Picked up another demo that reminds me of a retro NES game, and this one is a blast. Soupmaster Games Big Boy Boxing is a Punch Out! inspired boxing game that actually plays well on the PC.

The demo isn’t very long, and currently just includes a short tutorial of the controls and a single fight. Controls basically come down to dodge, duck, and a couple type of punch. Pretty simple. Just like the old Punch Out! games, you’re horribly out matched by your opponent, so we’ve got to work to not get hit while still getting your licks in. The opponent in the demo is pretty easy, but there’s still some replay value by the HP left and time stats that show at the end. I played through it twice, and got slightly better the second time!

It looks like there’s still more to go before this is a final product, including obviously more dudes to fight. But so far, this is pretty dope, and I’m excited for the full release. Checkout the demo and wishlist the game here.